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Roof Fixing Supplies


Roof Fixing Supplies has the leading edge when it comes to roof tile security.  All our roof tile fixing products are designed to conform to the Australian Standards AS 2050 – 1989 3.5 and provide real security. Our clipping range manufactured from BHP galvanized spring steel wire have been extensively used by all Australian manufacturers of roofing tiles, and tested by the CSIRO Division of Building, construction and Engineering to verify performance standards. Test results are available, on request.

While there are stringent regulations covering homes and roofs in cyclone areas, it seems that the lesser “standard” are tolerated in the other regions.

The very small cost of including security to the new roof against storm and tempest needs only to be recognised at the time of installing, and the benefits to all – including the insurance company are high.

Roof tile Clipping Systems Available For:
  • All hard wood/pine batten sizes
  • Pitches over 35 degree
  • Cyclonic/High wind areas
  • Metal battens
  • Use on old timber battens

HEAD LAP CLIPS Roof Fixing Supplies stocks a full range of Head Lap Clips which are user friendly for the tradesman and provide an effective and high performing option for securing all roof tiles at the head of the tile to roofing battens – including metal. The AS 2050 –1995 specification for roofs over 30 degrees attract roof tile tradesman to use this hand applied clip on steeper roofs.

SIDE LAP CLIPS Roof Fixing Supplies offer an extensive range of Side Lap Clips suitable for securing roof tiles in high wind areas. The design of the clip allows for simple hand installation and the roof tile is tied from the nose end direct to the roofing batten. The side lap clip provides the tiled roof with the added safeguard of resisting all upward pressure resulting from high winds and the big storms. The unique registered design will accommodate any time shrinkage, providing roof security for the life of the roof.

SHORT COURSE CLIP The Short Course clip is available in 75mm and 100mm lap sizes. Short course clips assist with the installation of short courses under Dutch gables, wallers over secret gutters and tile cuts along hip lines. The short course clip also enable maximum gauging on tiled roofs.
STAPLE CLIP The nail in staple clip is a low-cost effective means of securing all roof tiles onto hardwood and pine battens. Options are available for both concrete and terra cotta tiles.

HIP & RIDGE CLIPPING SYSTEMS. Clients will rest easy if the bedding or pointing cracks in time – The clips will hold the ridge in place – for a lifetime. Water is not able to enter the roof via Capillary action. The investment in professional ridge clip security can be at the lowest cost to the client. Spikes & nails require the ridge to be drilled; clipping does not require holes, therefore reducing the chance of leaking. Clipping systems are available for both concrete & terra cotta ridge capping. 

Please contact RFS for any further technical information.